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What is ECM9™?
ECM9™ is a proprietary ingredient derived from a rare botanical exclusive to Keprea.

Why is ECM9™ good for my skin?
ECM9™ is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent--and inflammation is one of the root causes of skin aging.

How does ECM9™ work?
ECM9™ inhibits the function of an enzyme, MMP9, that causes the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin.

How does ECM9™ help the collagen and elastin in my skin?
ECM9™ reduces the inflammation that breaks down collagen and elastin. It also supports the healthy growth of these two essential components of the skin.

Are there other ways that ECM9™ is good for my skin?
ECM9™ has an epigenetic effect on the skin: this means it switches on the genes that support skin repair and skin health.

How can I be sure that ECM9™ really has these benefits for my skin?
The benefits of ECM9™ have been clinically tested and proven through what’s called a “ double-blind placebo-controlled” study. This level of clinical testing is supported by FDA guidelines.

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