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Think: Optimum Performance

Today, the new standard of wellness goes beyond just “feeling good”. Each of us seeks to enjoy the highest level of physical — and mental — performance. New science has tapped the nutritional sources that makes this possible.

Keprea’s Mind and Body Cellular Support combines the finest of those nutrients including a proven ingredient to support brain health, powerful antioxidants, and other key beneficial ingredients in a proprietary formulation, to create a single formula to support overall brain and body health.

Mind and Body Cellular Support

Mind and body health is ultimately determined at the cellular level. The millions of cells making up the human body require vitamins, amino acids and other key nutrients to support the many biochemical reactions taking place in each cell at all times. Deficiency of these nutrients is the most frequent cause of cellular dysfunction impacting health.

Replenishing these cells with essential nutrients supports their bioenergy production and can help promote optimal health. Our daily diets provide many of the essential nutrients needed, however, research has shown that additional supplementation can be important to support the healthy functioning of cells.

Based on years of intense scientific research into the biochemistry of the cell, Keprea has now developed a supplement aimed at promoting your optimal cellular health. Ingredients selected by Keprea have been rigorously studied and were carefully selected to provide optimal cellular support. Keprea’s Mind and Body Cellular Support is based on biosynergy and the optimal daily intake of essential nutrients needed to help maintain good health.

Key Benefits

Brain & Cognition Support
Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties
Supports anti-aging through cellular health
Nutritional support for cell membrane structure and function
Mitochondrial support & improved cellular energy production

Bioactive Ingredients

  • PS-Gold (including DHA) – Nutritional support for brain cell membrane structure and function.
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine, Acetyl-L- Carnitine – Helps maintain the oxidative balance in the cell and promotes healthy brain chemistry for cognitive support.
  • Turmeric – Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support
  • Astaxanthin, Green Tea, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Superfruit Antioxidant blend Provides for enriched antioxidant activity reducing oxidative damage to cells from free radicals
  • Vitamins and Other Nutrients to support cellular membrane health and energy metabolism
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