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As Keprea Grows, So Can You

With a track record of two multi-billion dollar companies, there is good reason to trust Keprea’s founders to build this new company into a best-in-class beauty and wellness company.

Keprea is positioned to be the next major force in the world of social selling and you have an opportunity to secure your position early as a Founding Consultant.

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Direct Selling Business: The Five Essentials

Bloomberg has recently reported a massive increase in direct selling activity, as more Americans seek alternatives to a precarious job market.

The excitement is palpable, but so are the hazards. Before investing time, energy and belief in a new opportunity, it’s essential to know the five essentials of long-term success.

Exclusive Product

A truly original product, exclusive to the company, delivering obvious value that millions of people seek.

Outstanding Leadership

Leaders with vision, proven business experience, unimpeachable integrity, and a true heart for people.

Fair Compensation

A compensation that rewards effort at every level, with the opportunity for additional income growth.

Consultant Support

Energetic, ongoing training and support for every Consultant, with equal commitment to newcomers and veteran leaders.

Built to Last

A company that will outlive the inevitable cycles of changing business environments and new market demands.

Keprea meets or exceeds every one of these essential criteria.

Multiple Streams of Income

There are many ways to expand your income as an independent Keprea  Consultant. Here’s a snapshot:

  • 20% - 30% Retail Commission on all personal sales
  • Preferred Customer Bonuses when your customers choose to buy regularly
  • First Order Bonuses when you first enroll a Preferred Customer
  • Bonus Pool – shares in total company revenue when you retain Preferred Customers
  • Enroller Bonuses — income from sales made by Consultants you enroll
  • Level Bonuses — additional income from sales by Consultants in your organization
  • Generation, Leader Group and Check Match Bonuses as you rise higher in rank

Each benefit is contingent on meeting certain clearly defined qualifications, because the Keprea plan is designed to fairly reward the efforts of Consultants at every level, from beginner to experienced leader.


Tools and Training:Your Success is Our Success

Keprea’s founders see their Independent Consultants as trusted partners in a shared adventure. They want you to grow and prosper.

Keprea has developed exceptional marketing tools to help you introduce the products with others. You’ll also receive effective and easy-to-follow training from the company, as well as personal mentorship from more experienced Consultants.

Your First Step is Easy

If you’re excited about joining a cutting edge Skin Care and Wellness company dedicated to scientifically driven and clinically proven innovative products, then your first step is easy.

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