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Founded in Science, Built with Passion,

Driven by Integrity


The Story of Keprea

By any standards, Keprea is born of a rare pedigree.

Before this latest venture, co-founder Stephen Squinto, PhD, was a major player in the launch and building of not one but two multi-billion dollar health care companies.  These business achievements are matched by original contributions to science of equal stature.

Dr. Squinto’s exceptional skills are complemented by the wisdom and experience of co-founder Denise LePera, who has spent more than 20 years of her career in sales, training and management leadership positions in the healthcare industry.

What We Stand For

Keprea is a company with a purpose: to change lives with exceptional, science-based wellness products, while inviting all to share in the company’s present and future prosperity.

Scientific Integrity

Keprea is a science-driven enterprise, and no product—no ingredient—no promise—will be included that is not fully substantiated by rigorous scientific testing.

Customer Focused

More than “customer satisfaction”, Keprea is committed to delivering an exceptional experience and lasting value with each and every product.

Public Education

As it grows, Keprea will be devoting increasing resources to educating its Consultants and customers on the science of natural health.

Business Longevity

Keprea is built to last, with the vision and the resources to support enduring growth for decades, and generations, to come.

Environmental Responsibility

In its use of natural resources, Keprea takes care to protect the land and ensure the health of the plants from which it draws its ingredients.

Social Contribution

Keprea is supporting health and educations across the globe , and will develop further philanthropic programs as the company grows.