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Healthy Beautiful Skin

Through Innovative and Proven Science

Innovative breakthrough science has the power to transform lives. In the world of skin care, new discoveries captured from leading labs around the world create new possibilities to protect and regenerate your skin. This is Keprea’s mission.

Intelligent Skin Care

Through years of disciplined research and rigorous clinical testing, Keprea’s team has now unlocked the age-defying, and repairing properties of a proprietary and patented botanical ingredient that significantly improves the six key signs to healthy and beautiful skin.

Remarkably, the proprietary ingredient ECM9™ has been clinically proven by objective measures to deliver significant improvements for each of the six key signs of aging skin resulting in healthier more beautiful skin.

Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Improved skin firmness & elasticity

Improved skin

Improved skin

Increased skin moisture & hydration

Increased radiance & luminosity

Keprea’s Proprietary Complex:

keprea ecm9


ECM9™ is a breakthrough patented ingredient derived from a pure extract from the resin of a rare botanical.

The ingredient has scientifically proven remarkable capacities for combating inflammation, a primary cause of skin aging.

ECM9™ potently inhibits an enzyme called MMP9 which is primarily responsible for breaking down collagen and elastin fibers – the essential components of healthy skin.

It also functions epigenetically, switching on the genes that support healthy collagen growth.

This dual action of ECM9™, proven by rigorous scientific studies, makes it unique in the world of advanced skin care.

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keprea bioplacenta


Bio-Placenta draws on stem cell research to provide five essential growth factors similar to those found in human placenta.

These growth factors — EGF, IGF-1, acidic FGF, basic FGF and VEGF —   which are key building blocks of healthy youthful skin.

They work synergistically with a key amino acid and vitamins to revitalize the cells, enhance moisture, increase elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and more.

keprea clinically proven

Clinically Proven

Working with a world-renowned University research team and a highly regarded clinical dermatologist, Keprea’s proprietary ingredient, ECM9™ has been scientifically and clinically tested at a level that is almost unheard of in the world of skin care. See for yourself the results of this rigorous study which followed FDA guidelines for a well-controlled trial:

Our Code of Product Quality

Keprea was founded on a commitment to exceptional product quality, with scientific evidence to validate each benefit we promise.


Every ingredient in every Keprea product is supported by rigorous scientific studies.


Active ingredients are always provided at the potency that is proven to deliver results.


Keprea takes exceptional measures to ensure the purity of every ingredient in every product


Each Keprea product has been independently tested to ensure its complete safety.


All Keprea’s products are manufactured in the United States, at a GMP licensed facility.

Experience Pure Wellness