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Understanding the Amazing ECM9™ Anti-Aging Qualities of Keprea

While skin care applications have been around for centuries, with scientific advances producing greater understanding of what works, some truths remain constant. Perhaps the biggest truth is that potent, natural ingredients can make a profound difference in the effectiveness of skin care products.

With beautiful and healthy being a focus for generations, it seems implausible that a new, natural breakthrough skin care ingredient could be discovered. And not just a new one, but one that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves texture, firmness, elasticity, clarity, luminosity and skin moisture in as few as two weeks.

But in 2010, that is exactly what happened. A team of world-renowned scientists discovered the unique and powerful anti-inflammatory properties of a previously-never-known botanical. The botanical is from a rare Frankincense tree in a region of north-central Somalia, rumored for centuries among locals to have profound healing properties.


The scientists patented the ingredient and named it ECM9™. Dr. Stephen Squinto, PhD, a lifelong scientist, biochemist and co-founder of Keprea skin care products, has dedicated 30 years of focus on the effects of inflammation on human health. Dr. Squinto knew that if the botanical could better and more naturally control inflammation, it could have profound impacts on the aging process of the skin. When contacted by the Cardiff researchers, he immediately became interested. He knew that if what they claimed was true, perhaps the holy grail of skin care had been found. Fast forward to today, and ECM9™ is the proprietary ingredient used in the Keprea line of skin care products.

What convinced both the researchers and Dr. Squinto that ECM9™ was so powerful when it came to skincare?

Dr. Squinto knew that skin naturally loses collagen and elastin as we age. Low levels of ongoing chronic inflammation further damage the skin by breaking down collagen and elastin fibers. The culprits are matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), the main extracellular matrix (ECM) enzymes in collagen degradation. MMPs break down collagen and elastin fibers, and a key MMP responsible for skin aging is MMP9.

ECM9™ is nature’s way of blocking the degradation of collagen and elastin by inhibiting MMPs and specifically inhibiting MMP9 at the cellular level by blocking gene expression and enzyme activity. In doing so, ECM9™ works to protect and enhance skin collagen and elastin along with promoting collagen synthesis. The researchers and Dr. Squinto, despite years of study and expertise in anti-inflammatory ingredients, had never seen anything so potent. While Dr. Squinto knew the rare botanical in the Somali Frankincense tree was special, he needed to verify it.

Tested and Proven Anti-Aging..and More!

The proof came from an independent, third-party clinical trial. The eight-week double-blind placebo-controlled trial included 78 women 35-65 years old. Keprea’s unmarked ECM9™-formulated face cream was contrasted with a base formulation without ECM9™. Participants used one of the two products, based on their study group, twice a day for eight weeks.

The objective of the trial was to determine if key signs of aging – skin texture, fine lines/wrinkles, firmness/elasticity, skin clarity, radiance/luminosity, and skin moisture – improved with the use of the ECM9™.

The results were dramatic. Compared to the baseline, the ECM9™ group showed:

  • 95% had statistically significant improvements in skin firmness/elasticity within 4 weeks
  • 95% had statistically significant improvement in skin moisture at week 2
  • 86% had statistically significant improvement in fine lines/wrinkles after 2 weeks
  • 80% had statistically significant improvement in skin texture through 8 weeks
  • 80% had statistically significant improvement in skin clarity through 8 weeks
  • 80% had statistically significant improvement in radiance and luminosity at week 4

Participants were also invited to make their own evaluations of the effects of ECM9™.

In every category, participants clearly noticed a difference across all six measures of skin aging:

  • Skin Texture: 100% noticed significant improvement
  • Radiance/Luminosity: 100% saw significant improvement
  • Firmness/Elasticity: 95% noticed significant improvement
  • Skin Clarity: 95% saw significant improvement
  • Skin Moisture: 95% saw significant improvement
  • Fine Lines/Wrinkles: 90% saw significant improvement

A New Age For Skin Care

Skincare has changed. The promise of healthier, firmer, more elastic skin is here. Keprea’s Multi-Active Crème Day, Multi-Active Crème Night, and Multi-Active Concentrate Serum are the only skin care products in the world to contain ECM9™. And in keeping with its all-natural approach to wellness, all Keprea products contain no parabens, no sulfates, phthalates, no silicones, and no artificial fragrances.

It’s not every day a new, all-natural ingredient is discovered that can have such a profound impact on our skin’s health. Thanks to a wonderful, rare tree, and some diligent research, that day has arrived…and our faces will forever be happier.

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